Riding the wave: Vini Uehara is doing just that, and making waves at the same time. Born January 15 1990, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he’s the product of a theatrical family and a product of the times. Fashion, theatricality and youth all come together in his vision of today’s young people, not just in Brazil, but around the World. From an early age, he showed a talent for drawing people and the clothes they wear, in very creative ways. Stage costumes and lines of dialog filled his imagination, as he would watch his father act, sometimes falling asleep in the backstage of the theatres.


Vini has chosen fashion and music to express his love for art. Graduated in fashion, working as a model in different campaigns around the world like London, Turkey, Asia, Paris and much more, he demonstrated his talent through his social medias sharing his point of view of each place he has been to. 


Since he was a little boy he used to write and compose songs, when he reached his 20’s, Vini decided to finally produce his first Ep in english, called “Persona”. An album where he finds the power of his voice telling all the struggles of being a boy in a wild world, no matter the country you live in. Nowadays his future is in contributing to increase the power of the LGBTQ+ community in the pop industry turning the place we live in into a wonderful dance floor.

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